Samsung SIII Cases

The Samsung Galaxy SIII has arrived!

….. well not for everyone

I hope you pre-ordered, or did not need a 32GB version because the delays are rampant and mobs are forming.

At Monoprice there is no need to wait for your local wireless carrier for accessories.  We have the latest a selection of cases and accessories on the way! Cases are available on our site on Tuesday June 26, 2012.

Protect your 4.8” AMOLED goodness with our new line of cases.

Click on the images to see the product page.



Expect to see accessories for the Galaxy SIII compatible MHL Adapters, Emergency Battery Backups, Bluetooth Headphones, Docking accessories in the near future.

We want to know, what Galaxy SIII accessories you want.

Give us your wish list, Is it a C-pen like stylus? Maybe a Wifi Wireless AV Adapter so you can mirror games and videos to your HDTV?


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