Cable Off!: A Guide to Buying Cables

Lots of cable ends

A Guide to Buying Cables For Your Mac (Or Other Gadgets)

By: J.R. Bookwalter

Where To Buy: Monoprice

The reigning king of low-priced cables has to be, based out of Rancho Cucamonga, California. Founded in 2002, what started as a small home-based operation has quickly grown into a huge enterprise with more than 150 employees and thousands of rabid fans who flock to the company’s quality offerings sold at extremely reasonable prices.

Price isn’t the only reason to shop Monoprice — the company also offers reasonable shipping prices, a 30-day money back guarantee, easy returns with no restocking fees and free lifetime tech support on everything they sell. Monoprice also ships to Canada and 26 other countries, making them a good candidate for our international readers.

Remember that $12.99 six-foot AC cable sold by Best Buy? You can get the same item from Monoprice for a mere $1.17 plus a reasonable $2.22 USPS shipping to the East Coast — buy in bulk and you’ll save even more, meaning you could get a handful of the same item and still save money over shopping retail.

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